Psychotropics and Related Topics From
Sixteen Years of Peer-Review Articles

NOTE FOR READERS: While most pharmacologic agents are called out by name, some articles may be overviews of entire classes of agents. For example, under sections such as ANTIDEPRESSANTS (not specified), the reader would find the following article: Rational Antidepressant Selection: Applying Evidence-Based Medicine to Complex Real-World Patients.

Likewise, certain pharmacologic advances can be rationalized only in the context of the disease itself. Among drug categories, you will find ‘non specified’ sections on Epidemiology, Bipolar, and Sleep Disturbances, to name just a few. Rather than omit entire categories of research because they did not correspond to a strict listing of drug names, we chose to deviate in certain instances for the sake of completeness. We hope this does not contribute to any confusion.

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