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PSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY BULLETIN (PB) is an academic, peer-reviewed, Index Medicus journal, which accepts no advertising. The journal became MedWorks Media’s flagship publication in 1999. Over nearly 2 decades, Psychopharmacology Bulletin has published hundreds of articles featuring hundreds of topics, drugs and authors. PB relies solely on individual, library and institutional subscriptions. Psychopharmacology Bulletin covers a wide range of categories including:

Original Research – Evidence-Based Medicine – Drug Disposition and Pharmacokinetics – Translational Neuroscience – Complicated Case Histories – Psychopharmacology – Psychopharmacology Research – Pharmaceutical Research – Psychiatric Research – Mental Illness

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Free Article Preview From Latest Issue
Psychopharmacology Bulletin Volume 47 Issue No. 4

A Phase-1, 6-Month Open-Label, Dose-Ranging Pharmacokinetic Study in Stabilized Patients with Schizophrenia Following Risperidone Implant