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Journal Supplements

Journal Supplements are the most influential means of disseminating scientific literature. Supplements can be printed stand-alone or polybagged with any MedWorks Media journal to virtually any circulation. Read more…

Pocket Reference Guides

Pocket Reference Guides from Medworks’ GradWORKS Division are a creative means to help physicians stay informed. The key component of these projects are educational reviews, or enduring materials that can be easily referenced. GradWORKS has the ability to tap into multiple mediums to effectively reach office and hospital-based physicians. GradWORKS Lifecycle Projects and Programs run the gamut between the most original science and premium handouts. Read more…

Teaching Monographs & Physician Academy Series

The Physician Academy Series is a comprehensive section within a journal dedicated to the exploration of a single topic . The 12-page Teaching Monograph will be perforated in the journal for easy removal and archive, or distributed interactively. Read more…

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