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Teaching Monographs - MedWorks Media - Psychiatry and Neurology

A Teaching Monograph is a special 8-page section within a journal dedicated to the exploration of a single topic. The series is supported by industry in the form of an unrestricted educational grant. The 8-page Teaching Monograph will be perforated in the journal for easy removal and archive, or distributed interactively.

The clinical topic, moderator, and discussants are identified on the cover of the monograph. Photographs and brief biographical information about the moderator and discussants follow inside. The clinical interaction section starts with a series of highly relevant questions. Three discussants, who are leaders in the field, present their symposia, followed by a Q&A section and punctuated by a minimum of three references and four teaching slides. The entire grouping of teaching slides from each participant is featured in its own section at the end of the clinical interaction. The sponsor may order the interactive version of the monograph on a CD-ROM which includes a Power Point version of the slides for free distribution to interested physicians.

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