Suicidal behaviors were higher during the school year (average of 6,761/month) compared to school break (average of 4,512/month). Prevalence of suicidal behaviors was highest in October for both hospitalization and primary diagnosis of mood disorder. Among the school year cohort, the rate of suicidal behaviors was higher in youth with mood disorders (91.6% vs 90%). During school break, the suicidal behavior rate was higher for youth with disruptive behavior disorders (34.6% vs 31.5%) and comorbid alcohol (7.9% vs 5.7%) and other substance use disorders (21.7% vs 18.4%).


Source: Baweja R, Patel RS, Tankersley WE, et al. School year and suicidal behaviors among youth: insight from a national dataset. Prim Care Companion CNS Disord. 2022;24(4):21m03112.