A Review of Clinical Literature: Stimulants, Insomnia and Psychiatric Comorbidity in Veterans

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Prescription Stimulant Use, Misuse, and Motivations Approximately 16 million US adults used prescription stimulants in the preceding year (annual average), 5 million misused prescription stimulants without use disorders, and 0.4 million had use disorders, according to a recent study. Researchers conducted a nationally representative household population study of adults aged [...]

News From the APA Convocation: Antipsychotics, Opioids, and PTSD

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Study Shows Continued Use of Certain Antipsychotics During Pregnancy May Increase Risk of Gestational Diabetes New York, NY. Women who take certain antipsychotic medications and continue the use of these medications through pregnancy may be at increased risk for gestational diabetes, according to new research published online today by the American Journal of [...]

Efficacy of Vortioxetine in Working Patients with GAD

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Background Vortioxetine is an approved antidepressant that has also demonstrated positive effects on anxiety symptoms in subjects with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). This post-hoc analysis evaluates the efficacy of vortioxetine in GAD subjects who are working and/or pursuing an education. Methods In study NCT00744627, 301 GAD subjects were randomized to [...]

Latest Research on Cannabis and Cannabidiols: Autism, Stress Anxiety and Depression

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Autism Researchers at University of California San Diego School of Medicine are preparing a first-of-its-kind, multidisciplinary investigation to determine if and how cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant, provides therapeutic benefit to children with severe symptoms of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The study, scheduled to launch [...]

What’s in a Name? For Some Psychiatrists, a Lot

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The organization dedicated for decades to "Psychosomatic Medicine" will be rebranded as Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry. The name change, aimed in part at shedding the ambiguity around the word “psychosomatic” and better capturing the mission of consultation-liaison psychiatry, will be reflected across the group’s platforms. The tagline on the group’s journal, Psychosomatics, [...]

Anxiety and Depression May be Prevalent in Children with Comorbid Autism and ADHD

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Children with comorbid autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are at an increased risk of anxiety and mood disorders, a cross-sectional analysis has shown. “Our study supports that anxiety and mood disorders, although highly prevalent in those with ASD alone, are even more prevalent in individuals who have [...]

Powerful Ketamine Nasal Spray Shows Promise in Quickly Treating Depressive Symptoms

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A more powerful ketamine (esketamine) nasal spray, combined with standard-of-care treatment, shows promise in quickly tamping-down depressive symptoms, according to results of a phase 2 study published April 16 in the American Journal of Psychiatry. In a study of 68 patients randomly assigned to either esketamine or placebo with standard-of-care treatment, [...]

Call For Papers — 2018 — 90-Day Fast Track Review

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For Immediate Release April 10, 2018 Los Angeles CA www.medworksmedia.com Psychopharmacology Bulletin DIGITAL ISSN: 2472-2448; PRINT ISSN: 0048-5764 From: Michael E. Thase, MD, Editor-in-Chief James La Rossa Jr., Editorial Director This is a unique call for scientific papers to be submitted for publication in Psychopharmacology Bulletin. Accepted manuscripts will be [...]

Psychopharmacology Bulletin Featured in EBSCO’s Latest Edition of New & Notable

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We are excited to announce that MedWorks Media's flagship journal, Psychopharmacology Bulletin, has been featured in EBSCO's latest issue of New & Notable. MedWorks Media (Psychopharmacology Bulletin) has partnered with EBSCO Information Services for over 15 years. EBSCO Information Services provides a complete and optimized research solution comprised [...]