T.E.N. (The Economics of Neuroscience) is a peer-reviewed medical journal dedicated to influence an emerging field where economics, CNS-medicine, clinical trials, prescribing data, drug utilization issues, and epidemiology coexist to inform medical professionals in both hospital and office environments.

The Journal's mission is to  1. Explain the economics within the CNS category to better promote the science of clinical outcomes and decision-making. 2. Describe the latest data to help determine optimal clinical decision-making. 3. Examine how industry market forces help drive medicine, both today and in the future. 4. Recognize formulary system management techniques, including drug evaluation programs and drug policy development. 5. Explore the critical relationship between public and private sector research and how it directly affects patient care. 6. Identify noted experts in science, their accomplishments in these fields, and how they may influence medicine.

T.E.N Editors and Editorial Advisory Board