Psychopharmacology Bulletin, Volume 47, Number 1, 2017 On-Line Now

The latest edition of Psychopharmacology Bulletin is now available at:

Manuscripts include:

Asenapine for the Control of Physical Aggression: A Prospective Naturalist Pilot Study
By Jin Shi Amon, Sarah B. Johnson, Rif S. El-Mallakh

A Review of Psychopharmacological Interventions Post-Disaster to Prevent Psychiatric Sequelae
By Badari Birur, Suresh Bada Math, Rachel E. Fargason

Opium Withdrawal Delirium: Two Case Reports
By Ravi C. Sharma, Ramesh Kumar, Dinesh Dutt Sharma, Pankaj Kanwar

A Case of Olanzapine-Induced Fever
By Cho-Hsiang Yang, Ying-Yeh Chen

Reversible Encephalopathy due to Valproic Acid Induced Hyperammonemia in a Patient with Bipolar I Disorder: A Cautionary Report
By Neel Patel, Katherine B. Landry, Rachel E. Fargason, Badari Birur

Treating an Adolescent with Long QT Syndrome for Bipolar Disorder: A Case Presentation
By Özlem Önen, Ayşe Kutlu, Handan Özek Erkuran

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